Wednesday, January 28, 2009


That's right, the Professional Organization of English Majors. Thank you man in charge Garrison Keiller.

For instance, this script from Prairie Home Companion makes me happy. Thank you to the Puget Sound chapter of P.O.E.M. for bringing that little gem to my attention.

Unedited rough draft poorly conceptualized Orignal Poem for today, January 28th 2009
in honor of the man who according to others once was a once was, but to himself always has been and to heck with them and so bequeated upon me the name for 'this here blog'.

Gunning for Gunnar

Gunning for Gunnar was once a hopeless task
for the miles he logged were numerous, and the
roads covered vast. If he couldn't beat you with
brawn, he'd challenge you with sense
and strategy and smiles and smarts at each event.
He'dgo from the gun or wait just to pounce but
after he'd be ready for beer and for fun
to relieve each ounce of built up tension.

Years have gone by and though he's not slowed,
we others have grown. And now it is time
that we can walk up to the start with the intention
of following his line and doing our part
of putting our attacks unto him.
Gunning for Gunnar no longer looks so grim.

But after each race, he's easy to find
by the red bus with lady and hound
and a Pabst and some friends with stories
abound of races won and lost, of rides
long and short, of music of parties
of people of life of life of the lyfe.

Gunnar made me do it

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